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The Myneandyours project has evolved into an experiment in symbology, inspiring us to question ourselves, and our environment. It does this through helping the viewer develop an understanding of how a symbol, in this case a cloud, can affect their perceptions of the environment.

Repetition of any symbol should provoke thought, and inspire a line of questioning. The power of this particular symbol is manifested by its confusing state of not directly pushing you in any direction. It is not formally part of a system that is common to us. It exists in the purist of forms, unintentionally making a statement, and stimulating the mind to engage in curious deliberations and eye opening interpretations of our surroundings.

It delivers a subjective message. It is the viewers interpretation of this message that creates meaning. It lures the viewer in with a mirror of self reflection and uses tools of persuasion to help the viewer question the ideals and values that already exist within their subconscious. The viewer is left to consider where these ideals come from in the first place.

A common thread emerges where the viewer recognises the cloud but is unable to place it. Its familiarity poses consideration and declaration that the cloud is already within us, even if we dont know its there.

And if all else fails it will be there to make you smile on your way to work.


When the viewer experiences the cloud they are welcomed into a family. Over time it has become an icon for what feels like an underground club. Handing out a cloud sticker is like being given the key to a hidden door. The viewer is invited in where they begin to feel like they are part of something. The viewer experiences a sense of empowerment, and this transcends the physical self.   

The cloud started with a sticker. Stickers became posters. Posters became murals. Murals led to international recognition furthering public dialogue, and the cloud crossed over into the commercial sphere aligning with brands and enthuiasts who recognised its value. Its visual aesthetic caters to public desire, appearing as cute juxtaposed with dark undertones. 

The motive was not born out of commercial interest, but from a genuine desire to  blur the lines of societal norms. The message was identified over time through the clouds interaction with the audience. Once a dialogue emerged, the ethos was born.