Like many others, I grew up playing Nintendo. Games like the Mario Bros, Tetris and The Legend of Zelda filled our time with endless hours of what we now call retro gaming.

The Myneandyours project revolves around the symbol of the cloud, which in its aesthetics is influenced by this era of innocence, mind development and unquenchable gaming.  The cloud acts as the catalyst in an experiment in symbology, which inspires us to question ourselves, what exists around us,  and challenges our perception of our environment.

Now I challenge our perceptions of the real and the surreal. Welcome to the walls within.

This installation invites to walk inside the cloud, and examine its DNA. It welcomes you to be a part of the complexity of its nature, and the inner workings of its influences. You will note a slight reference to the blocks of Tetris, and you will become part of a repeated pattern descending from order into chaos, as you travel into the vast emptiness of space and time. You will begin to question your surroundings, and open a void in yourself that may or may not be understood. It is a visual assault, which asks you to focus, and feel yourself immersed in a game of something that has always existed, and one that will never end.

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