Commissioned by a private client in the F&B sector to create a generative NFT project with a specific utility for global distribution and entry into the NFT space.

What we did:

Logo, Icon, and Typeface development, Storyboard, Concept Development, Roadmap, Digital Illustration with assets totaling more than 20,000 unique artworks.


Relating to the F&B sector we developed the idea we called ‘Hungry Ghosts’, sent to the gates of heaven only to be told they had unfinished business back on Earth. Doomed to roam the Earth forever unsatisfied, they had find good food… real good food, and satisfy their appetites.

Thousands of common ghosts, moving up in rarity until you reach the ultimate one of one ghosts.

One of our favourites projects to work on.

The market crashed 6 months later, and the client pulled out. Hungry Ghosts has been gathering dust ever since. Bummer.

We also worked on a narrative for the story and supporting illustrations to be animated prior to release.