If I think back to a few poignant moments over the years, watching FarkFK work his stencil magic on a wall in Portobello Road in London is one of them. I always wondered how his lines were so well defined and his subjects so well developed. I was a kid back then, naive and in awe of those who were paving the way. Eight years down the line, and Fark now a close friend invited me to paint a wall opposite his new cafe The Tea Tray in Portsmouth, on the South coast of England. After stopping off in Lisbon to paint a wall, I paid him a visit.

And now the man who helped me understand the delicate nature of stencils is back helping me once again. Another poignant moment to add to the list.

If you find yourself in Portsmouth, find yourself at The Tea Tray.

31 Osborne Rd, Southsea PO5 3LR, United Kingdom

instagram @ theteatray