Watch the skyscrapers drop, drive a few minutes out of the madness of Dubai and you will find yourself in what people call the old Dubai. Small shops stacked side by side, bright lights, and a touch of what may feel like the days before the rise.

Nestled at the far end of it all is the Al Fahidi district. A historical neighbourhood full of old wind towers scattered throughout a maze of alleyways, and empty courtyard houses now converted into cafes, art studios and museums.

I was invited to paint an indent in one of the many walls that surround the district. Walking through Al Fahidi you get a sense of walking back in time, kind of like opening a door into the past. The wall I painted filled a gap and appeared to me like a door leading into the unknown. The Dreamer was inspired by this idea, standing on a balcony looking out into another world where anything is possible.

Thanks to Dave for all his support, to Dubai Culture and Nisrine at Room Five.