“It’s that way” said the boy who always sat in a weird way. “It’s in that direction. It all points to it being over there. See, even the sky floats that way”.

He seemed to know what he was talking about. I liked him, but what if he was wrong? The one with the wings looked pretty enough, and didn’t seem to care either way, whilst the one with the ears said he had heard through the leaves that this man was right. But I didn’t know you could hear anything through the leaves.

I had to look the other way. There may have been something there he missed, and I kept on looking until I saw that thing. It was dark but I saw it, and that was good enough for me. So I said, “You guys go that way, I’ll try this way and maybe, just maybe, we will find whatever it is we are looking for”.

Stencil and spray on wood panel, 160cm x 100cm x 5cm, tray framed.