We were approached by Dubai Design District to develop a concept for a mural on one of the walls at the entrance to one of their car parks. We considered it but felt like it didn’t make sense and wouldn’t do the space justice. So we came back with a suggestion to paint all 18 walls and the ceiling and turn it into an immersive experience.

What we did:

Storyboard, Concept Development, Digital Illustration, Digital Renderings, and full mural installation.


We explored a continuing narrative of our curious exploration of the vast worlds above and beneath us. In Part I we built a narrative around Carl Sagan’s ‘The Greatest of Mysteries’ and developed artwork to complement space exploration, in the unlikeliest of spaces. Check out Part II in portfolio of our deep sea exploration.


32 nights, 740 man hours, 18 walls, 1840 sq metres, 620 stencils, 560 clouds, 50000 stars, 288 litres of paint, 150 cans.

Thank you to Big man Dave, James A, Ridwan, Dina, Ibrahim and the team at D3 for entertaining wild ideas. Photos by Jo Askew.