Concept development and Illustration for the guys in The Offspring’s US Tour 2023 with Sum41 and Simple Plan.

What we did:

Storyboard, Concept Development, Digital Illustration.


Inspired by the song ‘Burn it up’ on their second album Ignition, we worked up a skeleton lighting up a molotov cocktail, in the smoke caused by the other skeletons doing the same.

“I want to make a tiki torch, I’m gonna throw it on your porch, Then I’m gonna run away. Come back another day”


When rumors circulated of a secret show at the London Garage back in ’99, I found myself online most nights trying to get a ticket. It didn’t work out, so I turned up outside the show none the less. As the queue fizzled out, it wasn’t going to happen. We were happy to be hanging around nonetheless. And then a guy I’ll never forget taps me on the shoulder and asks if I was looking for a ticket. He had a spare and I took it. I remember walking into that tiny space with the ceiling a few feet above my head and see Dexter walk out with a smile that said “Hey, this is small”.

Right before the first song, my cousin taps me on the shoulder with a smile saying “Hey, this is small”. He made it in too.

Lots of Love to Jeffrey, Sandee and Michelle ❤️🤘