Concept development and Illustration for the guys in The Offspring’s Europe Tour 2023.

What we did:

Storyboard, Concept Development, Digital Illustration.


A mash up of the Misfits and the Offspring’s iconic skull we worked up a skeleton  conjuring up the magic and bringing the iconic skull to life.

5 years after I first heard the album ‘Smash’, and here I am connecting my childhood with the band that started it all.

Weird how Frank Kozik passed away within a few days of us releasing this. He paved the way for me artistically with his work on The Offspring’s Americana. This is as Jim Lindberg from Pennywise says a Full Circle.

Prints available at all European shows. Thank you to Jeffrey, Sandee, Dexter, Noodles and Michelle for being a part of this ❤️🤘