The duality of what we think we know compared to what we actually know manifests a division that aches into the ages. While we preach a belief that we are one, our behaviour sometimes suggests otherwise. We stand divided, and echo the sound of hypocrisy when we should find solidarity in each other, and it is this division that destroys us. We should be using every moment we have for the better, not languish in division and drown in lament.

This work explores the contradiction of a demoralizing sadness surrounded by beauty. There is a certain kind of tenderness we feel when we witness atrocities. We are all vulnerable to one other, and we bleed as one no matter the bubble we choose to live in. It is in the goodness that we find in each other that we gain strength and understanding of what it means to be human.

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Something to Believe in

Without hope, peace, and optimism we have nothing but a waiting room full of regret and personal destruction. Our existence depends on a wonderful balance of capturing the moment, and contributing to its future. Irrespective of our personal identity we have a duty to protect our collective identity, and to protect our unique environment.

The white dove is synonymous with peace, hope and freedom. In a time as unstable as ours we must build solidarity, and keep hope alive. If you are confused about what to believe anymore, this is something to believe in. 

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What We Are

As light reflects of every surface, object and visible thing within the spectrum of colour, it bounces into our eyes. Equally as important in the art of vision is the minds interpretation of the visual spectrum. It is the minds eye that truly gives us the sight of reason and understanding, and allows us to question any idea that we may be pushed into. We are able to strengthen our other senses when we find ourselves weakening. Just like some species which can depend on vibrations to see, we have the ability to not only survive but prosper regardless of our apparent weaknesses. We have the minds eye.

We are not what we are, because of what we see,

We are what we are, because of what we feel.

Originally created for the Art 4 Sight charity auction. Check out for more details about the charity working towards curing blindness.

Available as a glicee digital print. Email for details.