Kaykroo are a macroscale cloud kitchen business dedicated to creating amazing food experiences. They have developed a data-driven ‘brick & click’ platform where technology meets nourishment. They commissioned us to develop a concept and install a mural at their new HQ over in Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai.

What we did:

Storyboard, Concept Development, Digital Illustration, Mural installation.


We explored an excerpt from an article by José Andrés (2014) in the National Geographic on why food is important. We explored food as sustenance. Every organism seeks nourishment to survive. It’s basic instinct. But human survival is not just nutritional. It’s social. It’s psychological. It’s emotional.

We continued to explore the social nature of food. We are social creatures, and food brings us together. Hunter gatherers source food to feed their villages. It would bring them together. Animals from the furthest lands gather at the watering hole. It brings them together. It is a bond that transcends human culture.

“We are carried by the weight of the bond that connects us and with it we become weightless”.

In the artwork we developed titled ‘Weightless’ the lady wrapped and lifted by what looks like a silk scarf is symbolic of the helix of our DNA. She is the essence of the bond we feel in nature, wrapped safely in it. She carries the cloud as if it is her child. There is a beauty captured within; an aura we feel. It is the same aroma emanating from all the tastes and smells that leaves us hovering just above the surface….and in it we are weightless.

Painted using enamel and acrylic only using brushes. One week.