9 Colour Screen Print
90cm × 70cm
310gsm Somerset Satin Paper
Hand Deckled
Signed, Numbered
Certificate of Authenticity
Edition of 1

The NFT auction is now live for 24 hours on Foundation, ending 24 hours after the first bid has been placed. Please click on the link below to participate. 

Notes on Auction:

  • You must have a Metamask wallet and Ethereum in your wallet to bid. 
  • The highest bidder will also receive the 1/1 physical Screen Print.  
  • Collectors can only place bids at or above the reserve price. Once the first bid gets placed a 24-hour timed auction will begin. All subsequent bids will need to exceed the current bid by 10% or 0.1 ETH, whichever of the two is lesser.
  • Any bids placed within the last 15 minutes of an auction will reset the countdown back to 15 minutes.
  • Time extensions can go on indefinitely until no other bids are placed within the last 15 minutes of an auction.
  • When an auction ends, the winning creator or collector will need to settle the NFT. After they settle it, the work will be added to the collector’s collection. 
  • The artwork page will update with the price it was sold for and who purchased the piece. 
  • As a collector, once you win an auction, you will be prompted to “Settle NFT” from the bidding page. Click the button and pay a gas fee to add the NFT to your collection. It is important that you settle the NFT promptly because once you do, the funds from the sale will then be deposited into the wallet of the creator.

2500px × 3056px
Edition of 1