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I started making stickers back in 2008. Placing stickers on things excited me. Walking past them every day made me feel like I existed, and my day job wasn’t giving me that same sense of fulfilment. I became obsessed. Stickers became posters. The posters became massive sheets I had to put up like wallpaper. I began going out at night. I needed extension poles. I started looking at buildings differently. They became opportunities to visually communicate. Before I knew it I was a better at climbing then anything else.

As people began to take notice they began to question what I was doing. The work I was putting up had no apparent motive. It wasn’t selling anything. It was an anomaly in an environment crowded with direct messaging.

At 28 years old I quit my day job. It was scary. I was moving into the unknown, and with that came hope.

A decade and tens of thousands of stickers later, I’ve learnt what it takes to build a brand, create an identity, and develop visuals that communicate a tone of voice. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great brands, install large scale public works and connect with a culture I admire.

What underlies this all is the story.

We are all storytellers, and I am here waiting to help you tell yours.

Drop me a line to discuss any project you have in mind from brand identity, messaging, story, illustration and design.

M x